Prints Pockets off to a flying start

Prints Pockets off to a flying start

Feb 19, 2024Tracy Allan

Mapua business owner Danielle Martel has turned what started as a bit of a 'stress relief' into a fundraising effort in which she says can "benefit the whole region".

Print Pockets is a vending machine at the end of Danielle's driveway, delivery limited edition prints for $2 a pop. Like most students, Danielle did printmaking at highschool and more recently workshops with Renee Hadlow at The Armarie Room.

It's been a rapid learning curve for Danielle who established the venture less than six months ago. Creating her limited edition lino prints in her makeshift studio (laundry) with all the money raised goes to the Rescue Helicopter.

"I needed an outlet to distribute my prints after I realised my friends would quickly tire of them" she says.

Searching far and wide to source a vending machine overseas, two collections have been sold with more in the pipeline. "Local businesses in Mapua are incredibly supportive and every time I'm out by the machine a car will pull up, the driver will want to have a chat about it" Danielle says. "Rabbit Island Coffee wanted the vending machine in their cafe" She points out that from a marketing perspective a print is a great way to tell more of a business' story.

With a great deal of interest, Danielle is exploring new directions to take Print Pockets. "I could get another machine. The vending machine could be used at corporate events, or I could even invite printmakers from across New Zealand to contribute." Something that 'blows her mind' about the how far it can reach.

Her whole family are getting behind the initiative by collecting the money, and restocking the machine, and Danielle is thinking of her next collection, proud of the $420 raised for Rescue Helicopter.

"Anyone might need to use the services of it one day - A child in Golden Bay who is having breathing difficulty, a tramper who is injured or someone who is in a car accident"

Danielle is holding back the first five prints of each edition for a later date. 

You can follow the progress of Print Pockets at
or visit at 55 Aranui Road, Mapua 7005