Sally Middleton: Art and the Pursuit of Happiness

Sally Middleton: Art and the Pursuit of Happiness

Jan 18, 2024Tracy Allan

Local artist Sally Middleton has created her perfect studio with a cool breeze and ocean view.

Painting for just over seven decades, the former Queenstown Lakes deputy mayor moved to the region in 2015. Although now dabbling in oils, she would welcome more watercolour portrait commissions to keep her in her 'happy space'.

Beyond her art, Sally remains active in the community, holding the position of commodore at the cruising club and is heading out for a race this afternoon.

Grateful for the opportunity to be part of the ART Nelson/Tasman platform, Sally sees it as a practical way to focus on her art without the hassle of self-promotion.

"I'd rather put my energy into creating artwork than trying to market my own painting," she asserts.

When asked about where she gets her inspiration from, Sally often finds it when she is walking or driving. "I love light and the reflection of light".  

Wandering around her home with walls adorned with portraits and landscapes Sally points out a favourite watercolour portrait, "I loved painting her hat" while reiterating "watercolour is my first love."

With the perfect balance of the light and reflection, It's easy to see why. 

Open to commissions Sally Middleton can be contacted by email at