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Kia Ora and welcome to ART Nelson/Tasman - Your Gateway to Art from Te Tauihu

Are you a passionate art lover looking to dive into the world of creativity? Look no further. We're excited to welcome you!

At ART Nelson/Tasman, we've created an online platform that connects art enthusiasts with talented artists from the beautiful Nelson and Tasman regions. Here, you'll embark on a unique artistic journey where imagination has no limits and artistic expressions come to life.

Discover: Explore a wealth of creativity, from modern masterpieces to timeless classics. Our directory is your guide to the diverse and captivating art forms thriving in this picturesque corner of the world.

Connect: Forge meaningful connections with the artists themselves. Engage in conversations, gain insights into their creative processes, and uncover the stories behind their stunning works. Our platform brings together a community of art lovers and creators.

Indulge: Lose yourself in the beauty of art. Whether you're searching for the perfect piece to enhance your space or simply want to immerse yourself in the local art scene, ART Nelson/Tasman is your ultimate destination.


Join us in celebrating the incredible talent, culture, and heritage of this region. Whether you're an experienced art collector or a budding enthusiast, our online directory is your gateway to a world of artistic wonders ready to be explored.

Keep an eye out for regular updates, exclusive exhibitions, and a vibrant community eager to share their love for art. Your artistic journey begins right here.

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