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Integrating humanity with the environment through art
May 31, 2024
Audrey Anderson's work delves into the concept of humans not merely interacting with but being an intrinsic part of the environment. She draws inspiration from Ian McGilchrist's "The Master and His Emissary," which examines the divided brain and its impact on our perception of the world.
Paul Deacon marine artists fifeshire rock painting
May 15, 2024
Born on the coast of England, surrounded by local fishermen and the aroma of oil paints, Paul soon found himself drawn to the seas, sailing on small ships with the merchant navy, traversing Northern Europe and beyond. He always packed his paint brushes. 
Classroom to Clay: Jennie Bate's Journey of an Educator
Apr 24, 2024
"I wanted to create a welcoming space. A kids space where they can get involved and get messy with stuff. I want people to come here even if they don't feel like they are a creative. I want them to be relaxed and have a great time - and rediscover their passion for art."
Framing Beauty: Erica Leather Photography and Framing
Apr 08, 2024
In addition to offering a diverse range of photographic prints that illuminate any space, Erica provides a bespoke picture framing service from her studio, ensuring that each piece is impeccably presented. 
From Threads to Canvas: Robyn Reynolds' new artistic pursuit
Mar 14, 2024
"Do what's in your heart and don't be afraid of failure" says Robyn Reynolds who after 25 years is selling her namesake clothing business, to concentrate full time on her art.
Prints Pockets off to a flying start
Feb 19, 2024
It's been a rapid learning curve for Danielle who established the venture less than six months ago. Creating her limited edition lino prints in her makeshift studio (laundry) with all the money raised goes to the Rescue Helicopter.
The AI generated landscape of the future
Feb 08, 2024
At a time when the art world has launched a class action suit against the founders of image generating software, Tom has leaned into it, exploring more of what's possible?
Sally Middleton: Art and the Pursuit of Happiness
Jan 18, 2024
Painting for just over seven decades, the former Queenstown Lakes deputy mayor moved to the region in 2015. Although now dabbling in oils, she would welcome more watercolour portrait commissions to keep her in her 'happy space'.
Annual Summer Exhibition in Queens Gardens Celebrates Arts
Jan 09, 2024
Now into it's 51st year, 44 artists will be exhibiting art work from a variety of mediums from oil, acrylic, watercolour, collage, mixed media, photography to pottery and resin art.